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Hi and welcome to the Forever Memories for You forum

Please note: the main sections of the forum will become visible once your registration is complete

This Forum is in it's infant stages and running it is very new to me, so please be patient with any "glitches" that you may discover, I will sort them ASAP.

Also I may make a few changes along the way, but I see how things progress.

I have for now set it up so thay any new memeberships will need to be approved by Admin before accounts become active. This is because we are not able to monitor the forum 24/7 and would hate it if someone came along, signed up, and caused a load of trouble whilst we are doing our day jobs.

Memberships will be approved as soon as possible, but please be a little patient.

In the meantime, please take a few moments to read this post that explains just a few forum rules, there aren't many - honest

If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all - rudeness towards other members will NOT be tolerated

Spamming is not acceptable in posts or via Private Messaging - posts will be edited or removed and/or members privilidges restricted

Copyright must be respected at all times

Please report spam messages or posts that you feel are offensive in anyway towards yourself or any other person.


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